Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Straight Pride

The struggle for a voice, for a right to speak has always been reserved for minorities. But no longer thanks to Etero Pride Italia. Next month, this organization dedicated to protecting heterosexual male  identity and the resurrection of its female counterpart. This organization is aiming to organize a unique event in Europe: A straight pride march.
The front page of the website reads:
"The birth of Gay Pride made room and time to debate both internal and external institutions. These days, homosexuality is widely and constantly discussed, but the same cannot be said about heterosexuality. Heterosexuality is perceived as something obvious and predictable. This attitude is wrong. Actually, very wrong. […] Heterosexuals, which according to official figures account for 92.5 percent of the global population, are taken for granted by mass-media as well as society's institutions, who seem convinced that heterosexuals have no issues or needs. That is absolutely untrue.”
I'll leave you with an interview with the creator of this "artistic" event.