Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Powerful Women

Link to photoshoot:

One of the images featured in the editorial

This managed to annoy me so much today I thought I’d publish it here so my lovely followers could see. This is an original VICE Colombia editorial which was later on published on VICE Portugal. I find it interesting that both the Colombian and Portuguese versions are entitled “Powerful Women” (“Mulheres De Poder” in Portugal and “Las Capitanas” in Colombia).

The Portuguese version goes a bit further by subtitling it “Against Patriarchy”!!! I questioned VICE Portugal through Facebook about where this shows powerful women and whether this is what they feel powerful women are but no answer.  

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! We are not pieces of meat! Our power is not defined by how we look or how naked we are!!! 

Maybe do an editorial on Hillary Clinton, BeyoncĂ©, Laura Bates???