Sunday, 11 May 2014

Misogyny in Hip-Hop

I have officially finished my undergraduate dissertation on the topic of Hip-Hop and Misogyny. 
I will leave you the abstract!


This essay intends to explain the causes of misogyny in rap music using the work of several theorists as well as to analyse the current state of misogyny in hip-hop. The analysis had the objective of analysing lyrical content and it was carried out using a sampling of songs from the highest selling hip-hop albums of the decade. The results obtained showed that misogyny in rap has grown since the music industry took gangsta rap from its hood roots and commercialized it. The causes for misogyny in rap music are many and complex but one of the contributing elements is the music industry itself for continuing to support this stereotype. Using the work of theorists such as Michael P. Jeffries, Bell Hooks and Terri Adams, the aim is to argue that rap is not more misogynistic than any other part of American culture and that is in fact only a part of a much larger systemic issue.

If anyone wants to read the full version, let me know and I'll send a PDF.  

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